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Temperature and Guitar Humidifier – The Impact on a Stringed Musical Instrument

When you love music, you definitely love a musical instrument. Music is not only singing, it can be pressing the keys of the piano or strumming the strings of the guitar. More music lovers had developed fascination in the guitar. This is easier to acquire and it costs less than the simplest organ. However, the guitar can be too affected by changes in the humidity or variable air in the atmosphere. There had been disclosures that the best humid surroundings for a guitar should register 45% to 55% humidity. But humidity is controllable especially if it is applied to the guitar.
The damage to the guitar is on its main body which is made of wood material. Caring for this instrument is not difficult actually. But then, wreckage of the guitar is possible if you do not have a guitar humidifier to control its temperature. As a guitar owner, there are easy rules to guide you to protect your precious music instrument.

Using guitar humidifier for the control of temperature

The best way to have a consistently high quality guitar is controlling the humidity and temperature of the guitar. This is the simple method to prolong its life. The damage that can happen is due to the excessive dryness of the wood which may crack or shrink. Either way, the guitar will not be efficiently functional. Too high humidity or freezing temperature can both affect the guitar. You only have one remedy to this and this is affixing a guitar humidifier.
What is the function of a guitar humidifier?
This device controls the temperature and humidity. It keeps the moisture in the guitar stable at the optimum level. If this is not done, there are a number of effects on the guitar. It can swell or crack, it can shrink or warp. It can even be distorted to become disproportional.
Let us take the case of low or high temperature.
High temperature – The wood will have the tendency to swell or be distorted. A really higher humidity will cause the joints to separate because the hotness causes the joints to loosen.
Low temperature – The guitar will shrink. The result is cracking and separation of the seams or joints.
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Guitar humidifier and the different seasons of the year

Of the four seasons, the most harsh to the guitar are summer and winter. These are the very extreme seasons that can damage the instrument. This is the best season to attach a guitar humidifier; this will set the humidity level at the optimum amount. If you are already using a humidifier inside your house, you may no longer need a guitar humidifier. Just let the guitar rest in the cold room. In summer be very meticulous in checking that the guitar is never placed inside the trunk of the car. Similarly, you have to avoid putting the guitar outdoors, under direct sunlight. The guitar will dry up but if there is a guitar humidifier, all these adverse damages can be prevented.

What happens to the guitar without the guitar humidifier?

Climate is not the only cause for alarm on properly caring for the guitar. Other things can cause a change in the guitar’s temperature. Among these are vehicle radiators, attics, hot air ducts, garages or freezing rooms. All these can either bring the temperature down or high – far from the optimum 50% relative humidity. Without the guitar humidifier, under these conditions, your guitar may crack, warp, shrink or be distorted. The parts can separate and the strings can shrink. It will be a total disaster when your guitar is placed under too hot or cold environment without a guitar humidifier to protect it. When this happens, your guitar is useless and you will need to save lots of bucks to get a new one.
So – do you understand now the importance of guitar humidifier? Taking care of your guitar for longevity is very simple. You just have to be careful in attaching the guitar humidifier when you feel an abrupt change in temperature. Prolonging the lifespan of your guitar is merely being able to control temperature and humidity via the inexpensive guitar humidifier.

Prolonging the Life of Your Musical Instrument through Guitar Humidifier

Take note of the changes in the season. This may require you to check on the required routine maintenance of your musical instrument – the guitar. The lifespan of the guitar can be affected by varying levels of humidity. Well, of course you are aware on what a too humid climate brings. This is very uncomfortable to your human body. And although the guitar is merely a piece of inanimate instrument, it can be adversely affected by too humid surroundings. This is especially so when your guitar is an acoustic, meaning it is made of wood material.
There are two kinds of guitar – the acoustic and the electric. The latter is already very innovative and the humidity factor has more negative effects on the acoustic kind as this is made of wood. The wood material used in the production of the guitar may be high in quality. Nevertheless, it can be damaged when the humidity is not controlled. Thus, every guitar owner should have a guitar humidifier. This will be attached to the instrument when the environmental humidity falls or increased below or above the prescribed optimum level of relative humidity. To prevent damage to the guitar, your […] Continue Reading…

Guitar Humidifier – The Reasons for Its Importance

Guitar is one of the most popular and favorite instrument of people who love music. Singers use the guitar for accompaniment. This instrument had been used for many centuries – at least for the acoustic kind. Do you have another type of guitar? Yes, the modern society had introduced the use of electric guitars. Thus, today we have the two kinds of guitars – the acoustic and the electric. The guitar is made of wood and it is the type that is in need of guitar humidifier.
How does a guitar produce music?
The guitar is categorized as a stringed instrument simply because it produces sound through its strings – six of them. You play it through your fingers or through a pick. The guitar consists of two distinct parts – the body and the neck. The strings are attached to the neck. Since the body is made of wood, it becomes susceptible to drying. Thus, it becomes inevitable to use a guitar humidifier.
The weather, the humidity and the guitar humidifier
Playing the guitar is mainly done by strumming the strings. As they can be made of different kinds of woods, the tone of different guitars may vary. And the playability can […] Continue Reading…

Different Kinds of Guitar Humidifier A Guitar Owner Should Know

Good music is not only about good voice. The musical instrument plays a very important part in the outcome of the music. You do not just play any guitar; you have your own piece of instrument which you take care of. As much as possible, you want to play the same guitar all throughout. And this entails that you keep the guitar for a long time. All it takes is the right way to take care of it – to prevent it from being damaged. One best protective device for such musical instrument is the guitar humidifier.
What is a guitar humidifier?
Guitars are made of wood and this material easily losses humidity under unfavorable weather condition. The guitar humidifier is the instrument to retain or keep the moisture in your guitar thus preventing the instrument from cracking. Humidity is the water in your surrounding and too high humidity makes your environment warm. It is because you lose the water in the air. This is what happens to your guitar when the humidity is too high. The wood may swell until it cracks. It is not only the wood that is affected; the strings of the guitar can stretch when there […] Continue Reading…

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